In today's world many beauty products are available that can help us achieve beautiful skin but temporarily. I am too a big fan of make up products despite of this I follow a good skin care regime  strictly.
Firstly for beautiful skin deep cleansing is important.

Deep cleansing of the skin is the bestest way to achieve skin that we all desire for.

Application of toner is as important as a cleansing of face because it removes any remaining bits of dirt. Many of us skip toning as we think its not an essential step  but toning should be must in every skin care regime.

Next important step in skin care routine is moisturising.

Moisturiser keeps the skin looking hydrated, radiant and glowly.
People with oily skin should use oil free moisturise and people with dry skin should use creamy moisturiser.


  • Application of honey on the face for 20-25 mins help you achieve hydrated glowing skin.
  • Application of honey with curd can help you achieve the skin which is visibly fairer and glowing.
  • Honey when mixed with lemon juice works as a boon for oily skin.
  • Applying aloe vera gel can help you achieve a skin that is acne free smooth and glowing.
  • Besan also called as chickpea flour when mixed with raw milk and turmeric works as exfoliator as well as a excellent face mask. Oily skin beauties can replace milk with curd.
  • Rice flour mixed with lemon and vitamin e capsule works as exfoliator can remove dark spots and tan.
  • Add few drops of tea tree oil in green tea and apply it. This can help you to gain a skin which is fresher and acne free.
  • Mix sugar with tomato juice and scrub your face with this mixture twice a week. This can help you achieve spot free fairer skin.
  • Soak chironji in milk overnight and apply it as a face pack in the morning helps you get rid of dark spots.
  • For instant glow apply banana mixed with honey and leave for 15-20 mins.


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